How to look at you?

How to look at you? image 1


Year:  2013
Materials:  lime wood
Dimensions:  70/ 60/ 32 cm
Weight:  20 kg
Status:  available


How to look at you?

The creation of this sculpture coincided with the 140th anniversary of the death of the Apostle of Freedom.

This is a project expressing my outrage to the public understanding of freedom over the last 25 years. The work is a sculpture portrait of Vasil Levski but with his eyes closed. The image of the Apostle - a symbol of freedom, the eyes expressing a lot while in Levski's ones hope, desire, purity, strength, etc can always be read. Closing the eyes is like lowering the curtain, announcing the end of a performance and total outrage from what is seen- distorted understanding of our new freedom over the last quarter of a century. And if the Apostle could see us now the sentence which he would add after "Folks ????" would probably be- "I can not look at you".

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