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Steliyan Steliyanov – Mr. Stu is contemporary artist graduated from the National Academy of Arts – Sofia, Bulgaria, section Woodcarving. He works in the visual arts sphere where the specter of his interests is very extensive, for example sculpture, instalation, furnitures, accessoaries for the home and the humen body. He also develops a private school of arts. It is located in the studio where he works in order the students to experience a real creative environment.

The elements he includes in his works are of the hyperrealism, symbolism, primitive, minimalism art movements. Some of his works are inspired by the elements of the present day– people, society and social issues, yet combined with his work conception and symbolism in the detail. In other cases his works are provoked merely by situations, moods, conversations, spontaneous sketches, etc.

Whatever art piece he starts making he tries to make it attractive and fine in detail. Because his moto he starts work with every time is that for the beauty time does not exist.


Steliyan Steliyanov - Mr.Stu


Period: 2002-2004



Place of study:National Academy of Arts




Place of study:National Academy of Arts



Place of study:School of Applied Arts

NGO “Group9”:

2015 -project “50/50” - Sofia, Tryavna, Elena, V.Tarnovo, Bulgaria

2014 -project “ The women trough” - Tryavna, Dobrich, Sofia, Bulgaria

2013 -project “ The freedom.Net” - Panagiurishte, Balchik, Sofia, Bulgaria

2012 -roject “The art of speech and expression of art” - Sofia, Panagiurishte, Burgas, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2011 -project “Recycle – Sofia, Bulgaria

Group exhebitions:

2018- exibition "Destination sculpture"2- Palace of culture- Pernik, Bulgaria

2016 - exhibition "Silent image and bliend text"- curators Plamen V. Petrov, Ramova Dimova- SGHG, Sofia, Bulgaria

2015 - annual exhibition of section"Woodcarving",UBA- gallery The Red Dot, Sofia, Bulgaria

2015 - anniversary exhibition of gallery “Bulgaria”- Bulgaria Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

2015 - general exhibition of ”UBA” - UBA, Sofia,

2014 - exhibition 4-th national competition of “Allianz Bulgaria” for painting, sculp Bulgariature, graphic- UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria

2014 - exhibition ”Via Pontica” - City Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria

2014 - regional exhibition of “Allianz Bulgaria” - Dobrich, Bulgaria

2014 - exhibition ”3x3+2x2” - The Red Doth, Sofia,

2014 - exhibition ” Fatefully 13” - The Red Doth, Sofia, Bulgaria

2010 - anniversary exhibition of School of Applied Arts- Trqvna, Sofia, Bulgaria

2009 - exhibition - competition Cite des Art- UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria

2005 - exhibition gallery “Bulgaria”- Bulgaria Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

2005 - exhibition “section Woodcarving” UBA- UBA Sofia, Bulgaria

2004 - exhibition – competition” Cite des Art-Paris”- UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria

2004 - exhibition “section Woodcarving and Textile” UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria

2003 - exhibition “section Woodcarving” - UBA ,Sofia, Bulgaria

2002 - exhibition “section Woodcarving”- UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria

2001 - exhibition - City art gallery, Dobrich, Bulgaria

2000 - exhibition -UBA, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

2000 - exhibition “section Woodcarving”- UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria


2018- competition of sculpture in wood "Bet in Tryavna"- Tryavna, Bulgaria

2016 - festival "Water tower"- curator Nia Pushkarova- Sofia, Bulgaria

2014 - festival “Night of the Museums and Galleries of Plovdiv"- curators Svetlana Kuiumdjieva, Desislava Dimova- Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2014 - symposium of sculpture in wood "Forma"- Tryavna, Bulgaria

2014 - symposium of sculpture in wood – Elena, Bulgaria

2012 - symposium of sculpture in wood – Byala, Bulgaria

2011 - festival- “Proces-Space"- Balchik, Bulgaria

2007 - symposium of sculpture in wood -Yasna Polyana, Bulgaria

2005 - symposium of sculpture in wood -Yasna Polyana, Bulgaria

2001 - symposium of sculpture in wood –Barziya, Bulgaria


2014 -nomination 4-th national competition of “Allianz Bulgaria” for painting, sculpture, graphic- UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria

2004 -young artist award “section Woodcarving- UBA”- UBA, Sofia, Bulgaria

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