Lessons and Workshops

Art classes

Planned and schedule free courses and lessons on 

drawing, sculpture, wood carving

for children and adults.

For children:

Themed or random subject activities when during the working process children will learn about the basic principles in the aesthetics and in the creation of a work. Working with different types of materials.

For the advanced students - support and further development of their skills and talent by setting specific tasks, performances and other techniques (methods) in different areas in order to improve their qualities.

Possibility to work with materials such as pencil, chalk, pastel, paint, clay, plaster, wood, paper.

For adults:

Specific tasks different sections activities assigning aiming at acquiring techniques and improving their skills in painting, sculpture and woodcarving, or work on a specific subject as desired.


In painting you will be able to get acquainted with the principles of classical painting, such as perspective, shading, composition, etc.


In sculpture you will be able to get acquainted with the principles of formal parametres, construction, volume, etc., Working with clay, mold making and molding in plaster, as well as familiarization with the milestones in the history of sculpture.


In this section you will be introduced to the design (drawing) of the composition, floral ornament and actual construction of shape and volume in the material, exploring the main tree types in Bulgaria used for carving, as well as introduction to schools of carving in Bulgaria.

In the workshop of Mr.Stu you will have the opportunity to work in a real creative atmosphere and to observe the process of elaboration of different things from the artist Stelian Steliyanov.

Let's work together, let's be creative and have fun.


  • Program:

    Courses and lessons are held year-round, hours of conduct are to be additionally specified.


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