Mister Stu Is Watching You

April 2, 2021
A project by Stelian Steliyanov-MR.STU, in which the author will exhibit his works in an outdoor environment at various locations in downtown Sofia. In it, as a reception between graffiti art, the author will make a combination of graffiti art and sculptural objects, which he exploits in his work.
In the form of a game, he will invite the audience to visit the sculptures in question, and as a sign of gratitude for their activity, they will have a chance to win a gift from the author.
The project is implemented with the support of the National Culture Fund - program "CREATIVE INITIATIVES"
1. Find one of the characters
2. Shoot it
3. Post the photo on Instagram or Facebook, bookmarking the page (Mr. Stu and @ studio.misterstu)
As part of the exhibition, there will be a raffle at the end of each week. The winners will get a city bag with a print of their favorite character.
BONUS - Those who shoot more than one character from the game automatically get a cool magnet on a chicken coop.
The lottery starts on March 25, and the last winners will be drawn on April 22.
Follow us, discover and shoot.
But remember that #misterstuiswatchingyou
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Official rules for the game of Mr.Stu - "Mr.Stu is Watching You"


Participation period:
1.1. The period for participation in the game of Mr.Stu (the Game) is from March 18, 2021 to April 22, 2021.

1.2. The game is held on Facebook, and the winners are announced on the official Facebook page of Mr.Stu:

2.1. The organizer of the Game is Mr.Stu, (UIC:; with registered office and address:….)

2.2. Facebook Inc. does not participate or assist in any way in the organization and conduct of the Game.

3.1. Participant in the Game can be any able-bodied natural person with a permanent address in the Republic of Bulgaria, who in the Period of participation under item 1.1 .;

3.1.1. Find the location of "Pileriba";

3.1.2. Films "Pileriba";

3.1.3. Upload the photo in your profile or on your "story", noting the page of Mr.Stu - @ Mr.Stu (for Facebook) or @ studio.misterstu (for Instagram);

3.1.4. Adopt these Rules, which will be published on the website

The inclusion of the Participants in the Game means that they have accepted these Rules.

3.2. Employees of the Organizer, as well as employees of other companies sent to perform temporary work for the Organizer, in their capacity as enterprises - users of these workers / employees under their guidance and control, and members of their families are not allowed to participate in the Game.

Participation mechanism:
4.1. Participation in the Game is not intended and is not tied to the purchase of a product or service offered by the Organizer.

4.2. Each Participant who has fulfilled the conditions under item 3.1 - has found the location / s of the "pileriba", has taken one or more of them and has published the photos in his profile, having marked one of the pages of Mr.Stu and responds to the requirements of item 3.2. It is included in the drawing of the prizes from item 5. below.

4.3. Everyone has the right to one participation - regardless of the number of photographed "pilerib".

4.4. To participate in the raffle, each user must have posted a photo of at least one of the locations of the installations, along with a bookmark ( or https: //www.instagram .com / studio.misterstu /). Only photos with the correct marking are valid for participation.

For 1 photographed and published location of the "pileriba", the participant participates in a raffle for a shopping bag with a design of one of the "pileriba" (at the choice of the winner)
For more than 1 photographed and published locations of "pileribe", the participant joins a raffle for a shopping bag with a design of one of the "pileribe" (at the choice of the winner), and receives a magnet in the form of "pileriba"
Determining winning participants:
6.1. Only Participants who meet the conditions under items 3 and 4 of these Rules shall be included in the drawing of the prize under item 5.

6.2. The draw of the winner will be done in the workshop of the Organizer by random drawing of the winners

6.3. Five raffles have been determined - each week two of the participants win a shopping bag with a design. The dates of the raffles are: 25.03.21; 01.04.21; 08.04.21; 15. 04.21 and 22.04.21

6.4. The winner will be announced via a video posted on Mr.Stu"s website ( This post will indicate the username of the winner and the prize he or she wins.

Receiving the prize:
7.1. Each winning entrant must contact (via personal message) Mr.Stu to state their favorite pileriba design and desired method of receipt.

7.2. The prize can be received through a personal meeting with the Organizer - Mr.Stu or through a shipment by econt.

7.3. Due to the requirement to create the prize after the announcement of the wish by the winning participants, the deadline for implementation and receipt is 14 days after the last raffle (deadline: 06.05.21).

7.4. Upon receipt of the Prize, each winning Participant should be identified by presenting the following documents: ID card or ID card and a notarized power of attorney, in case the prize is received by a representative of the Participant.

7.5. The prize cannot be exchanged for its cash or any other equivalent.

Rights and responsibilities
8.1. The Organizer is not responsible: a) in case the prize cannot be received, provided or realized due to the impossibility of the respective Participant and / or his representative to identify and / or receive the prize within the specified time limits or due to other technical and / or legal obstacles related to the specific winning Participant and / or his / her representative / proxy; and (b) in the event that the prize cannot be awarded and / or used due to force majeure, regulatory or legal restrictions, or any other circumstances; and c) in case of non-award due to the refusal of the respective Participant to provide the necessary data.

8.2. The organizer is not responsible in case of impossibility to participate or to provide a prize

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