Memorial XXI

Memorial XXI image 1


Year:  2012
Materials:  plywood, veneer, plexiglass, polystyrene, digital print, color spray, hard wax, photo lups, LED light
Dimensions:  200/ 140/ 65 cm
Weight:  80 kg
Status:  available

Memorial XXI

This is an interpretation of the inscription on Khan Omurtag's (Bulgarian ruler between 814-831) column "...Even if a man lives well, he dies and another one comes into existence. Let the one who comes later upon seeing this inscription remember the one who had made it...". There are many aspects in which this work can be reflected on. One of them, for example, is the changes and adaptation of Bulgarian language in an era of high technology. Another is how this column would have looked if it was created today, given the current capabilities of the technology and materials. But in the end, the most important one is the message which the text carries and namely that only the things we create are what remains after us. A rule that certainly applies to artists.


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