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Year:  2001
Materials:  linden(lime) wood
Dimensions:  90/40/20 cm
Weight:  10 kg
Status:  sold



The idea for this work was born after a plainer in the village of Miykovtsi, Bulgaria. Walking through the village in various deserted houses and neighborhoods in search of inspiration, I fell on a wooden tray used in the past for kneading bread. Then I asked my father and my grandmother to find me one like that. They found two trays. I chose ours, from our house, from our home. My grandmother had used it in the past. She had made bread for my grandfather, for my father, for my uncle. It was partially broken.

I already had an idea what to do with it. I started to draw sketches of the human in the middle. It had to be made with one line. I made more than ten sketches and this what came out. The figure was exactly as I had imagined it. I sculpted it exactly follwing the line of the silhouette of the sketch and the place of all the details in it.

Then, during an exhibition, it fell off the wall and burst into pieces (except for the figure). It stayed like that in my studio for many years. Eventually, I gathered strength, desire, courage, and assembled it.

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